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10 Things That Set The Upcoming New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Apart From The Rest

13/07/2020 15:32

10 Things That Set The Upcoming New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Apart From The Rest10 Things That Set The Upcoming New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Apart From The Rest

Ahead of the official unveiling of the seventh-generation flagship saloon later this year, Mercedes-Benz have provided a glimpse inside its luxury, hi-tech new cabin.

Over the past few decades, the popular Mercedes-Benz S-Class has traditionally led the way in introducing everything from ABS brakes to massaging seats - the latest version promises to be just as influential.

From a brand new MBUX system with more digital displays, to state-of-the-art safety features and contemporary styling, find out what the 2020 S-Class has in-store...

Here are the Top 10 things that set the all-new S-Class apart from what we’ve seen before:

1. With more of Mercedes’ intelligent technology, the new S-Class keeps the rear-seat passengers happy too.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) has already led the revolution in how we interact with our cars, and the upcoming Mercedes S-Class is set to offer the next generation of MBUX.

The all-new S-Class also extends the MBUX functionality and “Hey Mercedes” control system to the back-seat passengers. With more screens and all the infotainment, navigation and comfort features that are available to the driver and front passenger, you’ll never hear an ‘Are we there yet?’ chorus again!

2. The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with very few physical controls.

Across new models launching this year, you’ll see very few hard controls. The new S-Class comes with a noticeably larger central display:

The new S-Class will have 27 fewer hard keys than the outgoing model, to be replaced by the following new feature...

3. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with gaze control.

That’s right, just stare at something to switch it on! Cameras catch you looking and algorithms translate the look into action.

What do we mean? Look for something in the dark and the car will turn on the cabin lights. Look over your shoulder to see out of the rear side window and the sun blind, if deployed, will automatically retract. And just staring at one of the external mirrors is enough to be able to adjust it. Of course, gaze control is in addition to control by voice, hand gestures, touching and swiping! This is the future.

4. The 2020 Mercedes S-Class comes with pictures in the head-up display.

Augmented reality content, as well as images for the first time, can be displayed in driver line-of-sight in a size equivalent to that of a 77-inch Television set. The image is generated by 1.3 million tiny mirrors, technology also used in cinema projection.

5. It also comes with a 3D driver display.

Continuously adjusted images create an impression of spatial depth to the driver display, ‘without having to wear 3D glasses’ says Mercedes.

6. You’ll be able to tell your S-Class to turn on the oven on your way home!

Control of home domestic systems and appliances can be made from the car by voice control, thanks to the new Smart Home function connected to the new MBUX.

7. The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be able to fend off thieves all on its own.

With fingerprint, face and voice recognition, the S-Class will only allow you to access it. New biometric authentication functions will lock the 2020 S-Class securely.

8. The next generation S-Class will keep an eye out for potential dangers for you.

The cabin lighting flashes red if someone in the car is spotted (by cameras) about to open a door and a car, or cyclist, is detected coming up in the blind spot.

9. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class looks after family better too.

Checking the kids, the MBUX Interior Assist will tell you if a child seat is not correctly installed.

10. The all-new S-Class comes with even more natural voice control.

Just saying “I’m tired” is now enough for the car to activate an energizing programme to keep you awake!

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